Saturday, October 27, 2012

Balloons in the land of Oz

I am following balloons from afar, my gaze fixed at the little buggers that are floating in the sky. I am half awake wondering how fate threw me into where I am now.

 I am in the land down under, where the air is cold and the tap water drinkable. I am in the place where I could shop for clothes whose size ranged from medium to large. Where I can loose myself in thought while riding a train or tram.

This is an adventure and like Dorothy I feel that I am now at peace after the turbulent tornado of activities.

Why did I decide to leave? I guess it's just a yearning for change. Doing the same things everyday can take a toll in one's sanity I guess. Change is always good, change makes it worthwhile to live.

 I always dream that I will be here. I just didn't know that this was the right time. There were instances before that should have brought me at the end of the yellow road earlier but I guess, the timing was off then since I haven't met the person I could be with.

 Now that I have met the partner that could help me in living out the adventures here in Oz, I feel at ease. This was meant to be. For whatever reason, I just have faith that the universe conspired to bring us here. I have my hopes set that this life we chose will make counting down to my 40th year happy and full of bliss.

So on to our next adventure... and to interesting places, food and people... CHEERS!



Ochie said...

na-miss ko ang posts mo! :)))

Toni said...

Ochie gurl! hahaha... oo nga eh, ngayon lang nagkaron ng time mag-post post. ;) miss u guys! :)