Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter and the Female Dichotomy

It's Easter once again. A day when we celebrate how Christianity came to be. Without the resurrection and the witnessing of the apostles, we will not have a solid basis for the Catholic religion.

As I read an article in the Inquirer, I do remember that in the Bible, the first witnesses of the Resurrection are women. Jesus showed himself to Mary Magdalene and as such, the word that he has risen spread. Now, to think that Mary was his consort, we will deduce that this is logical. For him to show his risen form to the person he was most intimate with.

But the male disciples cannot share the power with the female followers thus, as is written in the article of the inquirer "Mary Magdalene and the women's struggle".
Or as Jaime Licauco writes in his column, “Inner Awareness”: “The male disciples and the early Christian fathers could not accept the idea of Christ having a female consort or intimate partner, and that’s why Mary Magdalene had to be emasculated and her image reduced to that of a penitent prostitute. Almost all early paintings of Mary Magdalene portrayed her as either completely or partly naked, sensuous and erotic.”

Thus, the dichotomy of women being the vamp or the saint (Mary Magdalene and Mary - Mother of Jesus) began.

I really don't understand why Jesus was portrayed as an asexual person. Really, I cannot see why a person can be more holy or less holy if he or she is having sex. Maybe if it's the only thought that is in their mind and yes, it can be a distraction but a healthy dose of intimacy can do wonders for one's happiness and ultimately to his sense of enlightenment.

But whatever is the driver in the decisions that serve as basis for the Catholic Church, here we are. Religion is dying and in it's place a sense of what is spiritual is emerging. People are realizing that religion is only one of the ways that we can reach enlightenment.

In such manner, we can derive that women's place in the spiritual journey is being marked more importantly in this day and age. Because I think women know intrinsically how the spirit and the body should commune. The men should follow and allow their feminine to come out. The women on the other hand should not be afraid to embrace the male attributes of their spirit.

Thus, the dichotomy can be erased and the duality of male / female, yin and yang will emerge in the souls of both men and women.

Amen? Amen!

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