Sunday, March 04, 2012

Serious about Health

When I was young, dieting and exercise is all about losing weight (for aesthetic purposes of course). But as I approach my mid 30s and realized how I abused my body with smoking, skipping meals, and a high cholesterol/sugar diet, I am now trying to research and really dig deep on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I started going to the gym since my weight just keeps on adding up and because of that I have to quit smoking since I can't run 30 minute straight without my lungs giving up on me.

Then, I heard Jillian Michael's podcast and found the missing piece. Of course, how could I miss that - chemicals! I don't eat real food since I have this wrong presumption that I am going to lose weight if I am going to restrict my calories to 100-200 calories per meal. But I turned out, processed food like biscuits, sweets are so wrong for me. That's why I didn't lose weight even if I was starving!

So, right now, I have to declutter and clean my system. Being sick all the time is a sign that I have to take control of my body.

Here are some tips that I picked up from a kindle book review. Hope I can continue practicing these!

1. Stop Eating Chemical because your body doesn't know how to process them,
therefore, you gain weight.
2. Choose the real food over the lower fat because you'll eat less and feel more satisfied.
3. Go organic when possible.
4. You can still eat chocolate and drink wine but everything in moderation.
5. Opt for glassware over plastic to cut down more chemical absorption.
6. Those 100 calorie snacks are pure marketing and chemicals.
7. Work out!
8. The amount of chemicals that have snuck into our food system has
reached an alarming rate.
9. Think about OTC drugs as they also contain chemicals.
10. Eat better, eat right and you can cut down a lot of health issues.

Amen? AMEN!


Dahon said...

Suggest to use glass bottle for your water canteen than plastic or metal.

Lifefactory water bottle is good or kahit anong glass bottle :).

I recommend also you read Michael Pollan's books :). I have Omnivore's Dilemma, I'll give it to you when I get back!

Toni said...

Great Rose! Thanks for ths tips!

Just Two Chicks said...

I've been dieting, eating right, eating vegetarian, switching back to chicken and fish only, because red meat sticks with you for weeks, etc, etc, etc... It's exhausting. I've finally gotten it all figured out, but now I suffer from such horrible reflux, that everything makes me feel gross... veggies, organic, low sodium... bleh! BUT, you're right... the key is to shop the outside of the store... I do buy low-fat and skim milk cheeses, fat free greek yogurts... but I get natural fats from meats, and nuts... Eh, the things we do to look thin and pretty :) I even started a blog aside from my regular one, that just talks about health. I really need to get back to it, but things have been busy :)

Toni said...

haha.. corret! it's hard to be healthy, but it's something we owe to people that we love.

Good luck! :)