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Seasons of Chow for Car and Nette

The year 2010 was a good year for our palate. We were able to sample a good variety of dishes and I think despite my 20-pound weight gain every pound is worth it. As Mommie said, "The couple that eats together stays together." How can you split up when you are so happy with the companionship and the cholesterol oozing in our blood streams?

Anyway, I digress once again as I usually do when I start typing. To cap the year 2010, and to aptly begin 2011, I will reminisce the year that was with a list of
our favorite restaurants. This may not look like a professional foodie's list but this comes from our humble opinion and full tummies.

** Persian Place - Iman Zaman (located at Madison Square, Pioneer)
I love the basmati rice and the Biryani dishes. Mommie loves the Cholo Kebab. The food is good and the price is very cheap. If we are lazy to go somewhere else, this is our default restaurant since it's near our place.

** Lutong Pinoy - RJ's Bolalohan - (located near the Mandaluyong Circle)
If we crave for a soup dish, we ride the jeep and go to RJ's. The Bulalo is to die for! The soup is not "masebo" and the beef's marrow is a welcome treat. Again, good food at a reasonable price.

** Mickey's Delicatessen / L' Artisan - (located along Jupiter street)
If we are in the mood for bread and potato salad (and we have a couple of pesos to spare) we head out to Jupiter street and go to Mickey's. Last time we were there, I made tampo because the waiter got my potato salad even if I was not finish with it pa. I can literally lick the potato out of the bowl (it is that good for me).

** Pho-ha (for us we frequent Shangrila's food outlet of Pho)
If I want something light and comforting, we go to Pho-ha. I love the rice noodles and the pomelo salad. Of course, the rice dishes are also good. Mommie likes
the pork rice meal (I forget the name of the dish) but it looks delish! A little pricey I admit but worth it; especially if you need something nourishing.

** Bizu (Greenbelt 4 - dessert place)
If Mie has a dessert craving for macaroons we go to Bizu. I love the desserts (the cake) and the tea. My favorite dish is the white beans served with the pork
(the white beans is the star of the dish for me though).

** Sharmila (Dampa at MCDepot)
Fresh seafood and cheap- bow.

** Mr Choi :) (Robinson's Pioneer Mall)
Our favorite is the soy chicken!

** Yaki-mix (Greenbelt 3)
The lines are always long and even if we had to eat somewhere else when we were at the end of a long list (number 42 last time) we still love this new Gb3
resto. The cheapest buffet meal if we are craving for unlimited fresh salmon!

** Firelake Grill (Tagaytay - best steak)
We only ate once in this place but it was so worth it! It's a little expensive but if we were still fighting over the leftover steak even if it was 3 hour old then it must really be good! Even if it's cold, the meat is still tender and tasty!

Quick notes:
- Best Coffee Place - Kopi Roti
- Best Yogurt - White hat!
- Best Cheesecake - Car's :) (I would like to take this opportunity to advertise the Cakesmitten Menu. ) Good desserts! Homemade by Car!
- Best Weekend Market - SidCor Market (near Lung Center - East Avenue) - Salcedo seems overrated in comparison.
- Best Food Court treat - World of Chicken and Beard Papa for dessert

Of course, last but not the least, the restaurant with the most extensive menu I have ever seen - Ziggurat (along Makati Avenue (between Tigris and Euphrates

For 2011, we look forward to more food treats and surprises. Hopefully, we get to exercise more so we could eat more! As car would put it, "we earn our
hunger, so we should spend on good food!



Dahon said…
Great list!!

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