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Resolutions - ROI for 2010

Yes, I like creating resolutions. I try to create a list of "must" do's for the coming year. I may not have 100% success rate in my past resolutions. But I think I am able to atleast follow-through on atleast 1 of them.. hehehe :)

For 2010, of course, we come to the basics. This acronym that I read from a book, will help me chart the coming decade for me - ROI - Relationships, Outcomes and Improvements. Let's start at Relationships.


I am someone who value relationships. It is really the top priority in my life - my partner, my family, my friends and the the people around me. If I have a list of to do's for a day, the task that adds more value to my relationship, will be my priority!

At work, I will try to add more tasks that will enable me to help others in their growth and career. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the younglings grow to be confident individuals. I will try to give them what I had in my younger years - guidance and attention.


Weight loss (this again :)), more money! and of course more knowledge! I should start to have my weekly,and monthly goals in place! It helps to write these down so I could have a clear vision on where I want to be the next year.

I will have to work doubly hard in acquiring new knowledge and reading more books this year. I am off to a good start I think. Mommie introduced me to a good writer - Italo Calvino (a Libran! yes, I googled him!). I will start to go through his works! The first one I am reading is "The Castle of Crossed Destinies" - storytelling through the use of tarot cards! (if this is not a book for me, I am not sure what is).


I will have to improve on my diet, my grammar and my fashion (yes Mommie, I hear you). I also have to improve on this - Regularity. Yep, to last in this life, we must work on regularity.

What else is this to do? I think my list is long for now and I don't have anything to add. But of course, for 2010 - there can only be more love, prosperity and success for everyone!!!! :)

I will definitely try to work on this - Keeping the positive energy alive!

Amen? AMEN!


Porky said…
Wow! I so admire it when you put focus on the things you want to do. You always inspire me :)
Toni said…
ngak... you inspire me :)

love u!

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