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MMFF 2009

It has been a long standing tradition in my family to watch MMFF movies on Christmas day. I think it started when we were staying in Meycauayan and SM North Edsa was just an FX away. I think it was something I looked forward to even if my mind goes catatonic for atleast 2 hours.

A winning formula for an MMFF blockbuster is to make it appeal to the whole family. Imagine the math, if it's a drama, non-family oriented film, you'll get atmost 2 people to join per household. But if it's for the whole family (given that it's a holiday) you'll get atleast 4 people per household. And how many Pinoy households do we have these days? That's why I scratch my head when I learned that I love you... goodbye was Star Cinema's entry to MMFF 2009.

It was a movie that should have been shown on Valentines day. It certainly is not for the whole family with all of the lovey-doey on screen. Que horror, children and homo people close your eyes! Well, I think gay people will just imagine that they are Angelica. hahaha..

I didn't think that they will take I love you.. goodbye so literally! But a few observations:

1. Gabby is so youthful! Now, his ex wife has a movie and I can't help but compare how they aged. Gabby aged more gracefully than his ex, I think. But it's just me.
2. Kim Chiu is a great contrabida! I luv it! She should accept more bratty roles instead of inaaping binibini!
3. Derek Ramsey's abs deserved it own air time. :) Starring.. Derek Ramsey's abs!

But if you are a Derek Ramsey's abs fan, go watch! :)



pochie said…
hayyy.... papa D! =D yummy!
Dahon said…
Agree, pang pa tweetums to! Did you watch Mano Po? Heard it's good.
Toni said…
Mano Po? I think that's on my mama's list this weekend! :)

Hello Ochie! Tse! Kaw nga nakaface to face mo na si papa D!

Rose! - nag-babake na si car! kelan na tayo sa inyo? :)

Dahon said…
Really? Yey!! May oven na ako! Jan 16! Sana may ref na ako nuon hehehe!

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