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In My life... a film for the modern Filipino Family...

My mom texted me last week and made a date ... "Ako ang kasama mong manunuod ng In my life ni Ate Vi ha?" Of course, being the dutiful daughter I obliged. I was a little curious because we all know that there are many gossips that float around that Lucky Manzano is really bisexual in real life so I would like to see if he will show hints of his sexuality on this film. And of course, I am a John Lloyd fan, I have to watch :)

The movie is good but not excellent. It showed the love between two gay men and the plot is how the mother will factor in their relationship. Odd that there is a semi-love triangle going on, but hey... it's original.

I watched the movie with my mom and as I watched Lucky and John on screen I can't help but think about my brother, my brother-in-law and my mom.

I don't want to think about the drama that will ensue if she finds out. For now, everyone is happy. I wanted to gash and share with my mom how terrific my brother-in-law is but of course, I have to keep my mouth shut since it's not my secret to tell. Que horror, I wish none of my relatives read this blog!

I cried a whole lot in the movie. My favorite scenes are the scenes where Ate Vi and John Lloyd have their moments. Oh my gawd, those two really know how to act. The screen comes alive when the two of them are on screen. John Lloyd's eyes are like Nora Aunor's... they can convey when no words can be found to explain what the character is feeling. He reminds me also of Robert Downey Jr. They can convey depths of emotion that is palpable to the audience.

Watch the movie to see how good the actors are given the limited material they were given. Ate Vi is a little bit rusty but as the scenes progressed, I am reminded of Meryl Streep... so versatile and so natural...

I wonder why... gay men in real life act so stiff when they play gay characters and straight men for me are the best actors to play gay men... I wonder why...

Amen? AMEN!


pochie said…
agree... it was great but not excellent... pero ang galing lloydie! hahaha =D.. and ate vi rin, kakatuwa sha ;)
hmmm....i seriously thought of that when we watched the film and mind you, we were sort of having an LQ at that time... when suddenly he reached for my hand and held as if saying, "it's gonna be okay." waaaah!
Toni said…
hellow!!! sandman interpreter :) of course, it's going to be alright! kayo pa ;)

misshu! see you soon!

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