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The Philipines and Brazil

When I first arrived here in Sao Paulo, Brazil my first impression was that it feels and looks like Manila but with pretty people all over. But as the days go by, I realized that our cultures share similar traits.

While going to my hotel, I passed by some grafitti, intersections and buildings that looked familiar (parang Boni lang ha!). Then, I was introduced to Brazilian driving. A Brazilian taxi driver will put a Pinoy taxi driver to shame. Yes, we are not alone!

They drive like crazy. When turning corners, they don't slow down (hindi nagmiminor) so if you're a careful driver you'll be hit in this side of the globe. It was like riding a roller coaster. Singit to the max! They have small cars so they can easily overtake buses and what have you. What frigthened me the most are the motorcycles. I saw a motorcycle beat a red light, que horror!

Also, while Filipinos say Hoy! to catch attention or to call someone, here they say Oi! They also love to talk! Chika to the max. They are also so warm and so affectionate - bezos galore and hugs. One will not feel alienated in this place. The only barrier I can think of is their language. But of course, sign language is universal.

We have the same cuss word.. puta.. but they pronounce it musically (hell, a cuss word that sounds sweet.. hahaha). They also love good food and booze. Sadly, just the other week they banned smoking in public places, including the office smoking area where Ate Elen and I frequent. So, like good smokers, we were forced to do our thing on the streets. One manager will walk around the building just to smoke. hahaha :) adik!

One will not feel lonely in this place, but somehow this time it's different. I can't stay here for long, I miss home so much. I am counting the days when I can understand each cuss word and conversation on the elevators. Unti na lang and I'll be home :)

I Love Brazil but I Love the Philippines more...

AMEN! Bamoz!


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