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You Changed My Life

My alibi for watching this movie is my mother dear. She was bugging me the whole week when I will come home so we could watch Sarah Geronimo and John Loyd's latest flick (Mama, watched a concert of Sarah all be her lonesome when I was in Minneapolis, that's a testament on how she's a fan of Sarah G). Being the dutiful daughter, I obliged (of course, at the back of my head, I really liked the first movie, A very Special Kind of love and I was also excited on the second installment).

The movie was short and sweet. Of course the first movie is still better but this movie as Vanene told me was more realistic. It also made me cry since the issues that Miguel and Loida faced in the move were the same issues I had eons back. I can relate and I can't let my mom see my tears hahahaha...

The group of Matet, Gio, et al were the backbone of the movie. Favorite lines in the movie:
"Ang haba ng hair mo..", then they proceeded to mimic a gang of friends lifting Rapunzel's long hair..
"Para kang puzzle, umaga palang, binubuo mo na ang araw ko.." I know, this is an old line already, but the way that Sarah said it made me laugh..
"kung sino man ang Loidang yan, siguro pagud na pagod na sya. Kasi kanina pa syang umaga tumatakbo dyan sa isipan mo.." Said in a deadpan manner by a veteran actress will truly make you smile.

And this line, I truly can relate:
"Jealous? I am not jealous, I don't get jeolous...ngayon lang.. " Hayyy... I am the jealous type and I really get Miggy's sentiments on that scene.

The movie was peppered with pop mush. But what can I say... I love mainstream sentiments and I left the moviehouse with a smile because, sometimes, we must enjoy what we have in the now... love is a gift, and while it's there, you should make the most out of it... and the song "You changed my life..." is a favorite of mine.. sshhhh..



pochie said…
huwaaah! Super like ko yung movie! hahahha... hindi naman nya ko binigo in fairnes...

aysus! At ang mga ni-quote mo... yun ang mga part na tawa ko ng tawa :)

and di lang ako.. kumita rin ang mga lines sa ibang moviegoers.. pramiz!

at dre, Laida ang name.. nde Loida.. mwahahahha
Normie said…
I can't wait for this to go out in DVD! Arrgghhh....

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