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My favorite place on earth.... with my girl :)

Last Saturday, I was in UP Diliman - my favorite place on earth! (I always tell my friends that when I die, I would like my ashes to be scattered at the Sunken garden and haunt the lovers that hide in the dark...hehehe). While I was riding the jeepney, I was having a flashback scene in my head....
Ten years ago, I was staring at the UP Sunken garden, lost in thought. I was nearing graduation and a new phase in my life is about to unfold. I just got back from the UP chapel (I pray to the universe... yes, I still do...) and I decided to just sit at the Sunken Garden and gather my thoughts.

Right there and there, I promised myself, that I will always go back to this place. I also promised myself that when I find that special person, I will take her here and we'll just walk and enjoy the good vibe of this place. I never got to do it... until I met a very special girl...
This weekend was perfect... I now know why the universe sent me so many false alarms in the past.... so that I'll realize how special you are when we'll find each other in this lifetime. Right now, I am proud to say that I am yours Mommie and I really could not ask for more :)



pochie said…
aww! ang sweet :) Happy for you Netskie! :)
babynix said…
dre! i'm so happy for you! hope you'll always stay happy and in love! :)
Toni said…
salamat mga dre! muahz! i am one lucky girl :)
Vanessa said…
ngayon ko lang nabasa ito... i'm so happy for you mare, how sweet :)

i also miss UP!!! and sunken garden, and beach house, and palma hall... hay memories hehe :)

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