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The Curious Incident of the GA condo robbery...

It's like a scene from one of Murakami's novels... so surreal... I entered the condo and everything was as it was when we left it. Then, curious.... the sofa is missing something... several seconds to register... OMG... the laptop is missing. Not to panic, maybe brother hid it somewhere.. but.. but.. we went home at the same time two days ago! Checked the door.. no forced entry!

Then, my bro was saying that it's just there.. duhhh... it's not in the universe that is our room. Then, as I was waiting for bro, I sniffed the air... someone was here... a male one. Then, OMG, he went up my room! And there yah go, my old celphone and I-pod were gone :( I can still sense his presence... and I just thought.. atleast he has new stuff to use: a laptop whose battery is not working, a celphone with no charger and a used I-pod that I inherited from bro.

This experience made me glad that I am not the type to acquire things. What if I really have things of monetary value what then? Makes me believe that things are like people, there's a time that you just have to let go....

If I have your number and a stranger texted you out of the blue (not my Globe number) and asking you for information, ignore please!

The Universe has given and the universe has taken away... I wish he's happy.. and may he never come back to my room! :) argh!



Acid Burn said…
OMG dre! weird as it may sound pero bakit pati sofa nyo???

and isipin mo na lang, mabuti wala ka nung nangyari yan. if you were there, baka pwede ka pa nyang saktan.

be safe always, dre! mwah!
Acid Burn said…
ay sorry haha! kala ko nanakaw pati sofa! blooper!
Toni said…
thanks dre! nagpabili na nga ako ng baseball bat! hahaha =p

ingat din kayo dyan...
babynix said…
dre! are you ok? as what osang said, at least you weren't harmed! ingat ka dyan, dre!

p.s. nung unang basa ko din, akala ko nawala ang sofa! hahaha!
Normie said…
There's something about that sofa. Akala ko ninakaw rin. I had to re-read! Ano bashhhh!

I'm glad you and your brother are ok. Be safe always. Take care.

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