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MMFF 2008

I made my contribution to the Filipino Film Industry... by watching not just one.. but two MMFF film entries. Iskul Bukol for nostalgic reasons and Desperadas 2 for some eye candy. In Iskul Bukol, I was waiting for Tonette Macho. I have a very vivid memory of Tonette Macho. He was big like me and in my mind, I don't want to be Tonette Macho. I don't know why. Also when I was young, my aunt gave me a doll, a red doll with my name satin stitched (yes, memorized ko pa ang type of stitch) -- TONETTE. That's why I hate it when people call me Tonette. I remember that doll and Tonette Macho. Weird...

When the old cast assembled on stage, I smiled when I saw Tonette. They all asked him, "Tonette, how are you?" He remarked, "I am not Tonette anymore, I found the light..from the grace of God. I am Anthony now..." Ay, pareho kami ng sentiment. Tonette din ako dati, then I found the light.. :)

In Desperadas 2, I was staring the whole time at Marianne Rivera. I love that girl. Even if palengkera galore sya. My mom hates her because she was the reason Dindong and Karel broke up. Yes, my mom is really updated. Lord, when I saw One True Love and saw Marianne clutching Dingdong's arms crying.. "Migs, wag mo akong iwan.." I knew Dingdong had no chance :) And heller, the whole time the two of them are on screen, Marianne will be not more than 10 cm away from Dingdong. Higpit yumakap! So, I wouldn't blame Dingdong.. bad man.. pero.. naman! :)

Ok, my boredom is really evident on my blog. I am blogging everyday! Unti na lang... :)

AmEn! :)


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