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My star...

I saw her again and the usual reaction - she took my breath away and my knees went weak. She is more beautiful than I remembered and I am at my wit's end on how I can make her cross over.. hahaha.. But again as my friends say, "She is who she is, you can't change that.." I can't hope for something that might break my heart in the end. But there's still this fighting urge inside of me that I can reach my star if not in this lifetime, maybe the next one? :)

She is the rod by which I will measure every girl that I'll meet. I'll just content myself for now on seeing her everyday and doing everything to make her happy.. I know, very Rem-like (death note shirigami.. in short.. martyr! haha).

Hay.. why can't it be? "The universe shall unfold as it should.."



the universe will be the universe. and you will be you. stop wishing and start living. ;-)
Toni said…
hahahaa.. so pogie-like... to shake me to reality. =p

see you soon bru!

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