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News from Gaylandia...


A coming out party on my birthday weekend...
This week, Clay Aiken (the famous eskaparate queen) admitted that he is... hold hands please.. gasssp.. gay. Ok, ok, this has been used several times and I know many writers came up with more drama and brouhaha in announcing this.

So, can we have a big COMING OUT party and invite everyone who we think is still in the closet or in the eskaparate (for those who don't know, eskaparate is a sort of cabinet made of glass, so if you're hiding inside an eskaparate everyone can see that you're already inside, so why hide? duuhh).

And just in time for my birthday.. yey!


Gays as Genetic Machines
I have this thing about statements that go like this:
Anto: Dre or Lolah (depending on who I am that day): I think chuva choo choo is gay.
Dre or Lolah: Nahh, he/she has a son/daughter
Anto: Ngak...

- People, having a child and wife in tow doesn't mean that they're not citizens of Gaylandia. Its citizens are not confined to barrenhood. We are still part of the human race and sometimes there are members who would like to gay if forward (borrowing pogs words) in terms of procreation. So, the moment your gaydar is turned on and there's a man passing by with his trophy wife or gf, just say, "Ay, bulalo..." Bulalo is an old term for paminta... (Pa-men).
Young Lebby Love in Hollywood

I love Lindsay Lohan and Samantha, the youngest gay couple in Hollywood (ok, her publicist may say otherwise) but this is in league with Judy Foster's "please use your head and I am making this as obvious as I can" public display of affection. In the Lebistate of Gaylandia... No words are needed. (Lesbians have a knack for dropping hints and there but not stating it verbally). If you see two women holding hands in public and wearing matching rings, that's proof of their citizenship. Think people, think!

Xena in L-word

L-word, the popular lesian series is in its sixth season. For those who haven't watched this series and have a fetish for girl on girl action (all men I think) and good storylines, please grab a copy from your local DVD pirata.

I am excited that Lucy Lawless (aka Xena) will join the ever growing number of celesbians who have guested on the show. There was talk that Paris Hilton will join the show (she was even rumored to have gone out with Kate Moening the actress who play Shane in the series). I think being gay is the next, "She is pregnant" fad in Hollywood. hayness... bow!

Hayyy.. being gay is so much fun. I just wish we don't go mainstream :)



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