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Crazy stories...

Just some funny stories and "incidents" this past week:

from German Sausage (during the Renaissance fait at the petting zoo):
Anto: What pet would you like to have?
German Sausage: A Pig...
Anto: Huwaaat? A Pig? As in Babe pig?
German Sausage: Yep, because, it doesn't have hair which I am allergic to and
it's clean. (ed: just learned that they are indeed one of the
cleanest animals if you don't put them in mud).
Anto's thought bubble: Etong kalbong etoh, pwede ka naman mag-alaga ng isda
bakit baboy... nuninuninu.... uy, cute belly dancer..

from a waiter at Ihop:
Waiter at night: What is your order?
Anto: I'll have... (order.. forgot what I ordered).
Waiter at night (turning to Gerry): And you Sir, what would you have?
Gerry Bear: Chicken Florentine Crepe (his order I remembered.. hahaha).
Waiter at night: Are you two together (looking at moi and Gers).
Anto (confused look): Ohhh.. separate bills please..
Waiter at night (looking at me): Hey bud (or man?), would you like a coffee
Anto's thought bubble: So all along, he thought I was a guy, but he asked me if
Gerry bear and moi are together... hmmmm... mistaken
again for a gay couple with a buddy.

an incident at the Oracle Recreation Area (Fingfong):
Guru Cads (we were playing pinpong with a 10 point handicap on my part): If I
lose, I am going to break this racket.
Anto's thought bubble: He's joking.. toh talagang si Cadlum.
--After the match, I won, of course, even with a handicap I barely win. I saw Cads smashing his racket at the window sill. Ahhh.. he's crazy.. he's just acting.. but wait.. oh my.. he detached the handle.. oh my.. the racket is ... waahh. no moree...--
Anto's thought bubble: Shit, I have a very crazy friend.. scared...
--Another game, but I couldn't return the pingpong ball no more. And I let
this guy stay at my apartment for week.. wahhhh.. --
Gawd, I have such great sets of friends ;)

AMEN!!! :)


crazyani said…
LOL! Oh nettie... these are all funny! Bahahaha.. :-D

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