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Obama Rocks!

As I was reading Rorie's pile of Time magazines, I realized that the world is changing at a faster velocity and here I am wallowing in self pity. Ahhh... time for drastic change... I have to get into the groove again. There's more to life than my EMOing.

Call it plain laziness, but I have been in intellectual stupor for the past few months... blame it on post-adolescense syndrome (late na paglandi :)). But as I try to have my brain cells working again, I can't believe that I only noticed it now - how charismatic and brilliant Obama is! I am no judge if he'll make a great leader but he sure is a good speaker, and he has a very magnetic personality. He's like a breeze of fresh air! (In Philippine politics, I foresee Mar Roxas doing an Obama, and Kris Aquino as a wonderful VP :)).

Obama has a great sense of timing, he is very articulate... and the man can dance! America is at the brink of national recession (if not into recession already) and all are in dire need of change. Will Obama deliver? Only time can tell... but for now, he and Michelle Obama make a great team reminiscent of the Bill and Hiillary tandem.

What impressed me most is how the internet revolutionized politics. Obama is backed by the grassroots, people writing checks, volunteering their time to organize teams to back Obama. It's quite inspiring! If Mar Roxas should run, I see myself there in the trenches, I dunno why, but I see hope in Mar... of course, with the beautiful Korina on his side :)

Obama Videos...



Gerry said…
hehe.. HRC 2012!!! :-D

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