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Releasing my inner Ellen

From the mouth of a child -

We were doing our weekend shopping and while Rorie was trying on some clothes off the rack, I was with the Ever Famous Lara (a 10-yr old kid). A man passed infront of us and said, "Excuse me Sir.." Lara was adamant and wanted to say to the man that I was not a boy. I told her that it's ok and I am definitely used to it.

So how do I explain who we are to a 10 yr old girl? Her mom said that she already know what a gay man is, so she said, "Tita Nette is a girl version of a gay man.." She had that confused look so I just told her, "Lara, I like girls..." And, what she said was so cute and made us all laugh... "Ewwwwww...." I think she got my point. hahaha.. Keep the explanation simple and direct, I always say :)


This weekend is the Twin Cities gay pride event! :) I am looking forward to it especialy the gay cheerleaders, the Best Buy Geek Squad contingent and the Dykes on Bikes.



pochie said…
wahaha.. winner sa reaction.. kids will always be kids =)

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