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Lessons learned...

Why oh why am I in this situation? I guess, the universe wanted me to learn some life's lessons that will be difficult for me to grasp. It's hurtful sometimes to realize that I am not perfect. I am a little rough at the edges and pathetically an idealist. As my friend Jo reminded me, "Two people in a relationship are like two rocks being rubbed together to smoothen the rough edges..."

Yes, I am swallowing my humble pie almost everyday. I guess, I met my match. It hurts sometimes to just stand there or sit while she delivers her sermon. But she always makes sense and I am totally awed by her street smarts. I teach her not to be rude and to be polite while she's teaching me how to be patient and how to communicate (not giving the cold shoulder everytime there is something wrong).

Although I am sorely tempted to put a tracker on her phone, I have to trust her. The universe is teaching me: patience, trust and of course how to distinguish between lies from truths. There is no black and white, only shades of gray.

I started late so I guess, the lessons and situations are harder for me... gaspsss.. I just wish that I can take all of this.. hahaha :)



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A good ending...

At last, there is already a resolution to the settingherfree saga. It took the writer a long time to end it... honestly, I think it's a work of fiction, crafted before valentine's day, to give couple-less individuals a boo-hoo-hoo....

It's just too good to be true... my theory is that it's a creative writing student's thesis or something...

The writer is good... and he has a good imagination. I posted a comment... hope he won't delete it....

Update: He did delete it! So, it's really too good to be true. (Ba't ko sya inaaway? HAHAHA!) I should really get a life... AMEN!

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I am really at awe with its features (you have to understand that I took a very giant leap in technology). The mere fact that I can check emails and update my calendar are useful features - in a major-major way.

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