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The Best Movie I've Seen this year! (Across the Universe)

If there is a band that influenced me the most, it is the Beatles especially John Lennon. When I heard that there is a restaurant in Greenbelt 5 called John and Yoko, I had to go there even if I had to feel intimidated by the members of the upper-uppa strata of Philippine society. Anyway, I digress.

Pogs was gushing about this movie since last year and when I heard the soundtrack, I told him that my favourite song is "I wanna hold your hand..." I swear, I didn't know the story behind the song in the movie at that time :)

The movie touched a sensitive chord. It featured a lot of songs by the Beatles sung with such emotion and panache by the main characters. TV Caprio who played Prudence in the movie was a Filipina (every main character in the movie came from songs from the band - Jude, Max (Maxwell's hammer), Lucy, and Prudence (Dear Prudence)). She was the one who sung my fave song "I wanna hold your hand..." Although I didn't like the way the director treated her character (why does every lesbian or gay character had to have a pathetic unrequited love problem? :) ).

Cinematography was great! The story was simple but sweet and if there was a movie that is edible, it was this film. It was sumptuous and a delight to the senses! It's a movie about love, friendship and everything in between.. haha :)

Go grab a deebeedee copy of this movie! It's now on my list of re-watchable movie musicals (Rent, Moulin Rouge, and Sound of Music :) ).

" All you need is love, love... Love is all you need ..."


Fave Scenes from Across the Universe..
(for a complete list of videos from this movie click here)

Strawberry Fields (Nag-crave ako ng strawberries after watching this..)

All you need is love... (grabeh.. wahhh..reminded me of the last public performance of the Beatles sa rooftop!)

Syempre.. etoh. winner! :)


Dahon said…
Yes, it was SUPER GOOD!! I love this movie to death! (Feeling ko gumanda naman sya dahil beatles music yung ginamit eh, if it were some other also famous band songs, la masyado impact hehehe!) :)

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