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Return to the familiar...

My best friend was looking at my old ID picture (long curly hair and all) and he suddenly blurted out.."I miss her.." Hay.. I miss her too...
I missed my old life... thus I am crawling back into it and it's giving me the utmost comfort. My friend is right,"Buti na ang vacuum keysa magulong buhay..." Amen!
I am now back to my reading fits. Jessica Zafra's Twisted 8 - I think she published this book for her friend so he can make money as her publisher. This seems to be some sort of best of twisted 1-7 and her blog, hayyy... I just wish she changes her writing style. A friend lend me her copy of the Golden Compass and OMG it is good :) It is way better than Harry Potter, that I am sure.

TV is on. Yes, it has been gathering dust because I don't like watching TV. Watching Anthony Bourdain, no Food Network channel... drat!

Back to my old life, staring at blank walls and dreaming.... and it feels good...



Acid Burn said…
na-miss ko din ang food channel! in fairness!!
Toni said…
hahaha... grabeh.. screensaver ng apartments natin.. Food network.. :)

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