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Remarks to the Androgynous


(Photos of Shane from the L-Word.. Aydol!)

Since I cut my hair short, I have been mistaken as either a boy or a gay man. Yes! I am used to it by now, but the only thing that I am scared of is being mistaken for a man and being body searched (yep, nakapkapan na ako, and it was traumatic, hahaha).

Some funny comments:

- I am ordering my usual Burger Mc Do Meal with Sundae and the cashier asked me, "Sir, ano pa order niyo?" Then, using the girliest voice, "Pa-upsize naman." Then, priceless, the shock on her face and then she said, "Yun lang po ba ma'am?" hahaha..

- Another food chain, same scenario, but the greeting went, "Hi Sir, ay, ma'am pala.." pati sya natawa.. hahaha.

- The cashier at the local supermarket, "Sir, 540 po..", then I just played along... "Sir, i-separate ko ba tong shampoo?" Then, as she was putting the stuff on a plastic bag, I told her..."Uy, ma'am ako.." The shock again on her face and she profusely apologized....hahahhaha..

- I was going to the ladies section of the MRT train, then the guard was looking at me because he thought I was a man, then I just puffed my chest a little bit to let him know that I have BREASTS!

- My best friend is gay and we usually walk holding hands along the mall so when we entered a food chain, they assumed that we were a gay couple. They just greeted us, "Hi Sir, what's your order?" Then, we were holding hands and playing lovey doey, then I said in the girliest voice again,"We'll have one cappucino and one mocha latte." Again, the shock on the cashier's face... priceless!

- This just happened yesterday, I was walking along the Ayala MRT terminal and there was this girl who was giving out flyers, then she said, "Hi Sir, Hi Ma'am" (when she realized I was a girl), hahahahaha... real time ang pag-correct, winner! So, that greeting goes to the androgynous moi.. :)

I really dig my androgynous look.. HAHAHA! :)



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