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Things I love about Manila

Why do you still want to stay here in the Philippines?

- Why not? Listed below are some realizations I had these past few days:
1. Lots of friends, family and others...
2. Where else will you experience an earthquake and everyone is crowding around and laughing? And everyone has the same line, "Nahihilo lang ba ako oh lumilindol?" We put humour in everything....
3. Hotels are the new militiary standoffs. High brow places? Nahhh... machine guns lang katapat niyan at si Trillanes. The great equalizer, military power... so in a way, everything is relatively fair.... Imagine, wedding mo and then apprearance the manongs in military outfitzzz. the best!
4. Yesterday, a gay bar offered to have their rooms rented for those staying until the military curfew is lifted? Curfew? That's just another opportunity to extend PARTY TIME! :) I was thinking of going out at 1 am just to know what will happen to me, but I fell asleep at 10:45 pm... darn it!

There is no dull day in Manila, each nook and cranny can be a telenovela scene and compare that with the nizeness and order of other countries where one can get bored and turn into a serial killer? :)



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