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Shock... shock... and sleep

This day has been hazy, hazy and hazy.

Back story: We transferred office from Ayala to Pioneer a few months back so we haven't been in Glorietta for a long, long time.

A while ago: We went to Glorietta to arrange our team building activity (around lunch time). First sentence that came out of my mouth upon stepping inside was: "Iba talaga ang totoong mall :)"

Then we ate lunch at Food Choices, nothing unusual, just the normal chit chat and then, while heading back, we saw a commotion. The activity center was filled with smoke, and then, all hell broke loose.

All were rushing/running to the entrance. After some panicky run, we were outside the mall. We saw people coming out, covered in blood, powder white substance on their faces. The thought that came into my head was to get back to the office as fast as possible. That was the most surreal bus ride for me.

While preparing for some meeting in the afternoon, it hit all of us. We were in shock, there was this heavy weight on our hearts. We saw the pictures and gawd, some of us walked there on the way a few minutes before the explosion. They could have stayed longer has it not for the interest of time. If they did, oh my.. :(

It's just so unreal.
After a bomb attack is the great time to be in any mall. Not that much people and security is tight ;) Gerry bear and I watched a movie and for the first time after a long, long time, I fell asleep inside a cinema. The Seeker - seek out of it but if you want a comfy snooze... by all means.. go! :)

Still hazyyy.. still in shock.. and I am not in my zone right now...



pochie said…
*hugs Nette* kahit hanggang dito sa bahay naiisip ko pa rin siya... *hayyy*
marge said…
buti na lang ur not craving chinese... hayyy din katulad sau och...

anyways, nice seeing you again. sana next time, di lang small chat... kundi totoong gimik na...
Toni said…
Mwah Ochie and Marge :) Hayyy...

oo noh.. gimik itoh! :) Globe!!!! :)
Tham said…
hi anto... glad alang nangyari sa yo... nanood pa kayo sine after the bombing! astig. pero, oo nga naman, probability of it happening again is slim...
Toni said…
hey tham!!! ... :)

yeps... ganun talaga yata... lightning doesn't strike twice ba yung kasabihan? hahaha =p

tapos, lam mo naman tayo.. matigas ang ulo..hahaha...

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