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What am I willing to do?

"For the greater good", I have heard these uttered a million times. Sometimes, the fault lies in good people doing nothing. Yes, we whine, we complain that life isn't fair but are we willing to fight back?

And I am not crazy, something is really wrong. I am not imagining things. I know that there's a crack... but hey, I can still jump around it. But what happens when I fall?

What do I have to do? I am scared that we might lose good people again. Yes, we're getting new ones but they can't replace those individuals that have what it takes.

I see mediocrity, then I see noise, but there in that corner, silently toiling working with the most difficult modules, silent because they do their work so effortlessly and efficiently, they shine without trying. But sometimes, people are more inclined to notice the noise rather than the silent brilliant dude.

I know how to play the game. I can play it but that doesn't mean that I believe in it. But what can I do? We must do what it takes... to go on living...



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