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I was watching the news and realization struck me that it has been six years since 9/11. The image of two buildings burning was the first thing that came into my mind. Just like a scene from a Hollywood movie... Independence Day?
Just yesterday, I watched a video of Bin laden. Aba, pati si Bin Laden, nagkulay ng hair! And it's not just his hair but also his beard. Vanity... thy name is religious fundamentalist.

Everything taken into extreme is bad. Too much beauty, too much knowledge, too much goodness, too much pride, too much chocolates.. argh! and too much faith. Yes, I think there is something to be said about faith taken into extreme. But this is not blasphemy... but Bin Laden looks like the Jesus Christ picture that my mom has in her closet - the one with movable eyes... it's creepy!

Yeah, I know they came from the same gene pool but still... what if he's right and we are wrong? I shudder to think....
Everything is so flexible... why cling to just one belief? One day, it will be disregarded as a myth. Sometimes, I just want to cling to simple truths... Live light.... Enjoy what life has to offer.... Get enough exercise... Eat chocos and coffee with abandon... Express extreme emotions without guilt (as long as you don't throw a tomato paste can to someone!)... and just Love people!... :)



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It's been awhile since I have shared something on this space about my thoughts and my life. Well, where do I start? Maybe just like an old good friend, I will try to give you some highlights on the past years when I was not blogging.

The biggest thing that happened to me so far was I got my Australian citizenship. I know right? I know that it may not be a big deal to others but for me, this is something that I have tried to work on for the past 5 years.  My kababayans might say that I am ungrateful, but we cannot discount the fact that with a blue passport from a country like Australia, I can travel to many countries - visa free without immigration officers trying to catch my eye and check if I am planning to do something illegal on their country.

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All of my friends are straight women and gay guys. I have a few lesbian friends (about 3 I think) and that's it. Not having enough lesbian friends is not a major problem for me since I don't think I fit into the lesbian lifestyle.

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