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Office grapevine, Love and honor, and the power of the void

August and September are the most emotion-filled months in the office. Promotions and ratings decisions are announced during this time period. As such, you can imagine the endless chat sessions that involve the office grapevine about who’s going to be promoted, who’s deserving and who's not (well, this is relative of course). Office network (not the computer network), the local grapevine is very fast and you should be loyal to it for it will tell you what you needed to know.

It is faster than the company memo and more often than not, it's reliable. I can't help but smile when news that was just released in the morning about an office triumvate romance was cascaded throughout the whole group in Manila, Canada and Australia in just a couple of minutes. Don't underestimate the office neural network; it travels in the speed of light.

I sometimes pity the top executives. Of course, they have their high salaries, but they should act like they know what they're doing when in fact they're just mere puppets who should parrot the company policies even they themselves don’t believe on it. One should learn to act as one gets up on the corporate ladder. It's not your skills anymore; it's the skill on how you use not your thinking hat, but how you put the appropriate emotional mask for each occasion. Oh well... we should work to live, to pay for the rent and to do what we love to do...

I am now in my foreign film viewing phase. For now, I am into Asian films. I watched the movie that Opaz was gushing about, "Love and Honor". Gerry bear and I should have watched it during the Cinemanila run but we were sidetracked by the Torentino Thrilla.

This movie was simply made but it would really make you think on how the Japanese value their honor. To the point, that you must take your own life if you did something dishonorable. We were taught that we must value life at all costs, but to that Japanese, life is expendable if your honor has been tarnished. I am fascinated by the Japanese culture, but to be a woman during those times, argghh, that could have been unbearable.

"Kung ganito na lang, mas gugustuhin ko ng nasa vacuum." Of course, when a friend said this about a romance relationship, I suddenly gushed, "Weeehh,, don't equate single hood to a vacuum!" Oh well, I am thankful that I don't know what I am missing in the romance department. Ignorance is bliss. To live in a vacuum cannot be all that bad. True, there's emptiness, but if there's nothing to fill, who can say that it's empty? If there are no boundaries, how could there be a sense of being whole or empty.

Each one has its own calling… a way of life. To be content with the simple joys of life… well, this can’t be bad. Why would you be content to have a relationship with one person, when you can have many types of relationships with different people? People are interesting... yes, it's true, I am a "vicarious living" junkie. I study people, and of course, my tools are astrology and the power of gossip but the human psyche is quite a study.

I get to learn from experiences of others, without having the scars myself. That can't be bad...



pochie said…
I liked the movie for its simplicity... grabe ang Honor for them no?

And at least women there are now being treated more equally with men than then.. BUT up to now, lumalabas at lumalabas parin yung pagiging male dominant country nla..

hahah.. kaya yung teacher ko nididiscourage ako magasawa ng hapon :p...

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