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New trend on Love teams! and the week that was...

Imagine my delight when I found out, that there's a new "love team" on Pinoybiz! Fafa Piolo and Sam (Fafa is Piolo's new title), I can't seem to say his name without the Fafa. They look so cute together, although I must admit that Piolo is so much cuter than Sam! I so look forward to the movie that they'll make with of course, Eric Quizon in tow. Who else will be on the movie? Eric Santos, and of course, Dolphy and Roderick Paulate. That will be loads of fun!

I was shocked when I found out that GMA 7 is destroying the girl that they made. Yes, the angelic, Angel Locsin (redundant repeating?). I pity the girl. Of course, there are arguments to the contrary but she just looks so helpless... awwww... She is the local Lana Lang in my opinion.

Well, ABS-CBN should make it worth it! I am now thinking of a partner for Angel among ABS-CBN's roster.... hmmmmm ..... another hmmmmm... the caliber of Richard Gutierrez at the peak of his career (sadness, he lost something, I don't know what... cuteness points is now down). John Lloyd? I have to keep up!

But I am thinking that Angel was Darna on Earth when she was at Channel 7, the move to Channel 2 is like Darna returning to her Home Planet. Channel 2 has a "deeper bench" in terms of cute girls and Angel has to work harder! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

So, I guess, there's a file out there for each the network's stars. A cabinet full of skeletons to keep their stars at their beck and call. Hayyy.. I want to see Fafa Piolo's files! Or even Tony Gonzaga's! bwehehehe :) There is something there I tell you!
I watched the movie Padre Amores, and Gerry was right, it was good!

Of course, unlike Dogville, which I wasn't able to finish (of the 7 Chapters, I only was awake at 3/4 of chapter 1!). Bethany is just not cute enough, although Nicole was pretty, but I can't understand a darn word she was saying. hayyyy... no subtitles... drat!

Of course, having Gael's face on the screen added to my enjoyment. What is it about him that makes you not blink? The English translation was "Love's a bitch" and it was a good interpretation of love. Three stories of "love" which will make you think. Hmmmm....

Love is just a chemical chuva in your brain right? But what if the chemical wore off. So, you have to have something other than "Love" to make it work. Or, you could just enjoy each experience and have as many loves as possible :) It may not be a person of course, it can be a concept or something that will make you want to wake up each morning with a smile on your face.



Gerard said…
Nette!!! Padre Amores??? Ano to?!?! haha. Amores Perros po!!! Haha. Masyado kang naapektuhan ng Autohystoria!!! :-D

Ganda ng Amores Perros noh??? sobra...three stories...bound by one chorva...haha..baka may makabasa...let's keep it to ourselves muna! :-D
Neth said…
hayy.. lutang kung lutang ang lolah mo...

waahhh.. trueness!

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