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The most scenic 10K ever :)

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Who could have thought that this will happen? Whenever Guru Cads and I talk about the races we were in, he would tell me how organized and high tech the runs here in the US are. They have pacers, micro-chip chuva and the like and he will always tell me to try to run here in the US when I have the chance. I would always retort that,"Asa pa.... nde naman ako ma-o-onshore :)" So, voila, fate is really good and yesterday, the unimaginable happened, I ran the 10K in the U. S. of A! :) (sniff, sniif, drama!).

I was excited that last Friday, I was all jittery and extra perky! I even bought new shirt and body guard (this helps prevent chaffing!). The day of the event, I was not able to sleep for fear that I won't wake up on time. But I did, and guru Cads and I took the train to go to ever famous Minnehaha park (Nike and I almost jumped off this - we found out that we will only injure ourselves if we did).

The train was full of runners! This is really a running nation. Cute guys and gals in shorts.. (awww... eh sa Pilipinas parang blank faces when you're going to tell them, I am going to run tomorrow...). The runners come from all ages and all shapes and sizes (marami akong ka-size in fairness and so bigger pa but they're fast dude!).

The route was so pretty and nice. The suburbs, the lake, the bridge, the trees.. awwww.. clean air!!!! No pollution, no cars honking behind you.. the race was so organized! Get this, they have a microchip that you attach to your shoe that will record your time real time! You could also hear your name as you approach the finish line.. awww.. Antonette de Heysus.. (yun lang) hahaha.. :) Feeling mo nanalo ka na rin kahit dekada bago ko natapos..hahaha :)

It was fun! And I am really thankful to guru Cads for this day :) I am looking for another run and probably a bike chuva. Hay... spring is in the air! :)



Porsh said…
oh wow, your first run out of pinas, congrats net!!!
Neth said…
thanks porsh :) keep on running! :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
next time, you should say hi to the cuties!d

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