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It's worth it pala...

This makes it all worthwhile..... a picture of the reward for all of the sleepless nights, tears and dancing to the tune of kapag tumibok ang puso.... it's official...

This is so sweet....

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UAT moments:

- Running batch then the log file read... Aborted in process... I shouted.. "teka lang" and all the expats looked at me while I investigated to find out what happened.

- All the coding has left me dizzy one day and at the end of the day I explained to the client, "Off invoice deals have no explosion.." shet..

- I fell asleep after the 10 th day of UAT while my roomie was excitedly waiting for me since this is the first time we're going to go home early.

- At 2 am, I read an email and I cried (with heaving shoulders...) and one time I hid inside the table... gawd, I can only laugh at those moments right now..

- I was running our batch script when our counterpart asked me, "Nette, what are you doing?" I told him, "Running batch?"... He told me.." xxx aborted.." "HUWAATTT?"-roomie and I shouted in unison.

- Last Friday, sigh of relief, finally UAT sign off day, roomie and I were walking along the store and I sang "you're irressistible..." as it was the music booming from the store's sound system, my roomie nonchalantly answered... "i know..". As in, I was laughing so hard.... HAHAHA! Peace dre!

Thanks dre for everything... :)


babynix said…
ironic as it may seem, but after all that swearing and cursing, it's indeed all worth it in the end :)
Neth said…
i know, i know can say that i can be emotional with work...

all that estrogen can make u go crazy while everything seems to be aborting.hahhaha =p

thanks dre!
now you deserve a treat.
chocolates and ice creams please!

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