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A weekend of fun - Part three

Again, we thank the heavens for the good weather (temperature above 30 degrees) and we were able to walk around New York wearing light gear - sweater or jackets will do.

Some thoughts about NY at night:

- Akalain mo, may mga kalat sa paligid. Yep, I thought I was in Manila when I saw the pieces of newspapers strewn around the city streets. Hayyy..... this made me feel so much at home.

- Akalain mo, ang daming tao na nagkalat sa kalye! Yep, I was a part of a SONA rally, Edsa dos, Edsa tres and UP PE enlistment so crowds or hordes of people around don't scare me. But etoh na yata ang pinakasosyal na dami ng taong sumiksik sa kin. The people crossing the New York streets are so coolness. They have to have traffic patrols to direct the pedestrian traffic.

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- Akalain mo, may version sila ng Giant Parol ng Pampanga. Lights being shown in the beat of the music. Pero sosyal, kasi sa building siya ng SAKS nakailaw. Please see below:

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- Akalain mo, galit ang mga Amerikano sa electrisidad. Sa Times Square, ang daming mga neon lights nakakaaliw! Gosh, kung sa Maynila magkakabit ka ng ganito, baka brownout ang abot ng kalakhang probinsiya na nakapaligid sa Maynila. The lights really made a difference. It made me feel na talagang totally wired na ang mga tao na kailangan na ng malakas na stimulus.

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- Akalain mo, may version sila ng mga sidewalk vendors na nagbebenta ng mga pekeng goods, paintings, chibog at kung anik-anik pa. Pero, in fairness, gwapo ang mga nagtitinda ;)

- Akalain mo, mas sosyal pa ang GT Tower sa Empire State Building. Sa sobrang antigo ng building na itoh, eh, naalala ko ang MSE buiding sa Makati. Pero in fairness, maganda nga ang view sa taas lalo na sa gabi.

Kung pupunta kayo dito sa Empire State Building, invest na kayo sa audio tour. Kahit na $6 marami kayong matututunan like "New York city's buildings were made out of egos." In short, nagkaron ng marami at matataas na building sa New York dahil nagpataasan ng ihi ang mga milyonaryo nung araw. Ganid man, maganda ang kinalabasan, atleast we have the fab place that is New York, bow!


This weekend has been great, I can't wait to watch all the plays that I know in Broadway, please see below again:

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I have yet to see the Statue of Liberty to make sindi my yosi using the torch of Ms Liberty. I have yet to see the baby of Amanding (Isabella Jane) and I have yet to see the apartment of John Lennon.

Yes, I have to go back... probably next year! :)

Hay, I love New York, makulit man... pero totoo! :)

Makulit na scene: While blogging, I am sharing a bed with Nike, imagine two girls typing away on their laptops, head on the headboard (the power of technology). Natawa ako nung sinabi niya, "Lolah, nde ka online, may ipo-pop ako sa iyo. Ha? Duh? Katabi mo na ako, i-pi-ping mo pa? hahaha. " So funny.... hahaha... same wavelength na talaga. :)



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