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Bless us O Lord....

I have been warned that Minneapolis is a provincial town. But we were assigned to downtown Minnepolis which is the counterpart of Ayala in Makati and it's great! We can walk to go to the movie house, the grocery store, the office, run to the lakes (which took me about 2 and a half hours - sorry Cads) and it's so quiet and urban. People here are so nice. They alway say "Hi, how are you doing?" Gosh, all the pleasantness is melting my harden heart. Libran paradise! If only all people in the world can be polite!

Anyway, we attended a volunteer work for the Salvation Army sponsored by the company. We painted a hall for the homeless. In fairness, the Salvation Army exists! It's a place where people who are in need of assistance get it - food, warmth, a roof over one's head, treatment for addictions and a friend to talk to. I was touched when the social worker told us that "We don't push people away, they're always welcome here...." Hayness.... The world can be a good place!

Oki, the highlight of my day... we were eating lunch and Nike and I were seated on a round table by our lonesome when somebody asked me, "Can we seat here?" And when I looked at him, my brain stopped functioning for a second..."HE WAS BEAUTIFUL!" hayy.. I said.. "Sure!".

We shook hands and introduced ourselves and my gawd, his palms were dry and soft! I loved him! Then, calling ourselves lucky, hala, additional papas went to the table. My gosh! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? An entire fold of GQ models personified! I was eyeing this super cute, dandy guy. Then, there was this "lukso ng dugo". Oh no.. "is he?" There was this flick of the fingers, the way he looks at men, arghh... yep, he's gay. He was seated across me.

So, what did we do? We talked about them in Tagalog - out loud.
Anto: Kita mo tong lalake sa harap ko? May itchu pero bading.
Nike: Oo nga...
Anto: Pangalawang tao sa kanan mo.. gwapo rin!
Nike: Pwede!
Anto: Gusto mo kausapin ko itong nasa kaliwa ko? (the guy who introduced himself.)
Nike: Sige.

Hay... before eating.. I said a prayer:
"Bless us O Lord, for these thy gifts of flesh which are eyes are going to feast on. Through your bounty, through Christ , our Lord.... AMEN!"

Yumminess to the highest level!


Porsh said…
net, naka-salamin ka ba nung nakita mo itong mga alleged fafa material na boys na ito?

at btw, i-modify ba ang grace before meals? sabagay, mabuti na ang thankful kaysa ungrateful di ba? hahaha.
Neth said…
hay naku, ako rin.. i couldn't believe my luck! nike can attest to the fafableness of them!

at yes, i had my glasses on .. and no iota of alcohol on my bloodstream!
walang pics? :p
Neth said…
meron, pero nde ko camera..hahhaha.. i'll post pag na-release na nila :)

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