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A visit from Nanny Mc-Consi

It was friday night, and I fell asleep on the couch. I was supposed to go to the gym while waiting for my surrogate mother (o sige na nga.. Ate) here in Minneapolis. I was awoken by the telephone and the perky voice that only Consi possesses.
"Bakla, papunta na ako dyannnnnnn...." (key of C sharp)

When I went down to get her, of course, she's wearing that fabulous Endless love Winter Sonata coat (it helps that she looks like a Koreana) and several paper bags containing food and red wine ). Thanks goodness she brought food.

I was kind of panicky when I realized earlier that day, that I'll be having Consi as a house guest. Why? Because, she eats like a man! She's frail, she's petite but this girl likes her food! Darn, genes!

She opened my refrigerator (scolded me because it only contained these items: cheese, chocolates and more chocolates) and she was amazed by the cleanliness of my kitchen. (of course it's clean I only boil water and microwave stuff!). Then, bless her soul she fed me again (my oh my, this might become a habit).

The next day, I left her at the house to play some badminton. It was freezing cold outside. Being comforted by the warmth of the apartment I only wore shorts and a jacket. I thought that the jacket was enough to insulate me. When I took a step ouside the apartment, I realized that it was freezing cold. I can't turn back so I just ran towards the car.

Same thing in the badminton center, I ran the hell from the car to the entrance. I was literally shaking! We played badminton, shot some hoops and I ran the indoor track. It was fun! Then, we called Consi to ask her if she's alright and I laughed when she told us that she was having a hair spa!

Anak ng, the other night, I laughed at her pink (as in floral pink) pajamas and now she's busy beautifying. Librans! (I am a Libran but my ascendant kept me from the aesthetic value of my sun sign). It was cold and I was again freezing as I walked from the car back to the apartment.

I was looking forward to the warmth of the apartment and when I entered, I realized that the windows were opened! It was cold! I looked at Consi and she has plastic wrap on her hair, typing away enjoying the freezing breeze of Minneapolis air. She never fails to amaze me.

Then, at 1:00 am, I was wide awake. We were watching Scrubs and she suddenly remarked:
"What an experience this day is, dinalhan kita ng food pero sinira mo na body clock ko.... at pinakain mo pa ako ng sardinas for dinner and breakfast!" I laughed so hard, I fell off the couch. HAHAHA!

I look forward to the days ahead. I know I have to shape up, I can't live like this for long, it's fine when it's only me. But when you're going to have a roommate, I have to buy more nutritious food. But before that, I am going to enjoy tormenting Consi with instant noodles, delata, pancit canton and the heat of the apartment (the heater must always be on High!). Thanks Consi, you're really something :)

A nice, glorious day all in all :)



Vitamin Cee said…
That's it. I'm famous. :) Looking forward to more sleepovers! Take care bakla! :) - Consi
Neth said…
that's it... mother consi... hayaan mo pag sinipag-sipag ako makakabawi din ako sa pagkain..wehehehe....

lam mo naman.. tipid-tipiran ang bakla.. para makabili ng lalake..

thanks dear! mwah!

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