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I had a moment

I am going to maximize my stay here and bombard my blog with my misadventures so bear with me.

I had a very funny experience yesterday. Cads (the running guru) pinged me and told me that there's free food at the 10th floor. I said sure, accompany me please. So, that I don't have to worry about dinner anymore.. wehehehe... It's a kind of celebration for the end of Ramadan by our Arab/Indian co-employees. So, I went up, ready to eat!

It was fun! There were people there wearing their native costumes. We grabbed paper plates and I picked anything that perked my curiosity. I had dates? Liked it... then I had a "spicy" cookie. There was that mala-curry taste again so I didn't dig that.

Cads played ping-pong with some guys. I watched him and enjoyed the game. I played eons ago so I didn't dare play because they might laugh at me. Then, the ball kept on going to my direction. So I pick it up and give it to this guy. He said "thank you" and I said "you're welcome". He looks kinda cute. In an Agassi (Hunks member) sort of way.

Then when I went back to my desk, the support guy that I work with while I was in Manila via AIM asked me if I would like to eat Indian food. I said yes, I went up and had my fill. I liked those with sugar I told him. Then he asked me:
Agasi: "do you wear spects?"
Anto: "yup, i wear glasses"
Agasi: "do you wear a ponytail?"
Anto: (thinking.. this guy saw me)... "yep, you saw me, I was the big girl in blue" (forgive me pogie I was again wearing my fave color combo blue shirt and brown slacks....)
Agasi: "So, I didn't see you then" (awww.. sweet... so, was I huge? not big? haaha)
Anto: "I watched my friend play pingpong."
Agasi: "I played. "
Anto: "What were you wearing?"
Agasi: "I was wearing a black shirt kinda sweater."
Anto: "Yep, I saw you. "
Agasi: "Aha, you gave me the ball once."
Anto: "yep, nice to meet you... in a funny, weird way. "
Agasi: "Nice to meet you too, in a weird way... hahaha. "

hay.. wala lang. It's such a small world.

P.S. My gym schedule is 430 am because I am waiting for this cute guy who go there at that hour. HAH! Effort!



sha said…
sabi ko na nga ba eh...kumakarir ka dyan ng mga fafa...hehe go Nette! :)
Neth said…
hayness, wish ko lng dear.. ikakarir din nila ako..hahaha :)
nette! how dare you! i should burnt those set of clothes. hehehehe

honestly, they not know shit in color combination hehehe.
irish said…
ahoy! papa alert :D

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