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It was a week of Chick Flicks

You are the One (Local Popcorn Romance)

Ok, I admit, I was not an avid fan of Sam Milby; reinforcing the statement "he can't be gay!". But who can resist that hot bod! Yes, we watched his latest movie flick with Toni Gonzaga "You are the One" and I walked off as a Sam Milby aficionado. He acts well for a first timer. He has intensity, he has good fashion sense and I must say it again, he has a gorgeous body! His bare upper torso and butt in boxers rivals that of Raphael Roselle in red briefs (whooppee, for his new Bench Ad, sizzling!).

The movie's storyline offers nothing new. But the execution was cute and romantic. There were scenes that were cheesiness to the next level but I had tears in my eyes. Toni Gonzaga played her part well. Her office uniform reminded me of bygone days when I was young and I had to wear a skirt as it was required. Those were the days!

Another treat - Gio Alvarez as the gay friend of Toni was so cute and funny.

Favorite lines:

Toni's Friend (played by the funny comedienne Eugene) – "E ano ba ang type mo sa lalaki?"

Sally Malasma (Toni Gonzaga) - "Gusto ko ng gwapo, mabait at HINDI BABAERO!"

Eugene - "Ah, bakla ang hanap mo!" Pointing to Gio. Gio gave a cute shudder, as being with Toni was not just incestuous but a violation of the Natural Laws of the Universe.

See it if you just need a nice kilig moment and a good laugh with girl/gay friends.

The Devil Wears Prada
(Ultimate Movie for 3 Groups - Gals, Gays and Guys with killer Fashionista Vibe)

Anne Hathaway is the new "Pretty Woman". Even if she's so gorgeous, she can certainly pull off the ultimate transformation from "ordinary girl with no oomph!" to "classy as in to the level of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's" In Princess Diaries that was her formula. She was certainly rightly cast as the fashion clueless who can't spell Dolce and Gabana and was transformed to an ultimate fashion chic by the good hearted gay man Nigel.

But the movie was all about Meryl Streep! Her method of acting (underacting - also used by Jacqueline Jose) gave the character of Priestley a dangerous, silent bullet. She was deadly when she utters these words with a deadpan expression, "That is all..." (with matching lubog na skin sa cheekbones). Shet, who wouldn't have suicidal thoughts with a boss like that! But it sure gave Andrea the challenge she needed.

I didn't like Andrea's boyfriend Nate! He was whinny, clingy and a baby! I wanted to protest why the ending turned out that way for those two but hey, it worked for some!

Who would I rather be - Andrea or Priestley? I don't have the right physical specifications to be an Andrea (I am not beautiful), I am meant to be a Priestley (with a beating heart). And in the words of Miranda Priestley - "Who wouldn't like a life like this?"

Watch this movie! This is Vogue in motion!


gabbana dear, 2 bs. stefano will kill you. :D

and i can play miranda priestley effortlessly. no words, just glare. ;)
Neth said…
hahahaa. see... i am so clueless talaga... thanks dear!

you must help me shop .. be my Nigel! hahaah ;)
guile said…
meryl streep's character is disturbingly familiar..

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