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"The Week That Was..."

These words came from the pretty lips of a fab gay:
(He and his boyfriend had differing opinions on money management):

Fab Gay: There are more important things in life like BEAUTY, SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-ACTUWALIZASHYUN...

Fab Hags: AMEN!

Can you blame me for loving gay men?


Yes, I'll do everything for good friends... even watch a scary movie (I have a very wild imagination and I am terribly afraid of the dark). Ordinarily, Anto plus scary movie don't go well together. I watched the Japanese version of the Ring (0, 1 and 2) and up to this day I can't sleep in a room of complete darkness.

"Sukob" has a good storyline. I was impressed by the way they put a "scary" factor on our pamahiins. Kris Aquino will always be Kris (same face in every scene... be it a happy scene, scary scene or a melodramatic scene), thankfully, Claudine was there. The veteran actors like Boots Anson-Roa and Ronaldo Valdez (Janno Gibs (plus 30 years)) put the movie on a different level.

I covered my eyes the whole duration of the movie but I still got scared. You must see it, if you like to watch a half-clad Wendelle Ramos (we secretly wished that there was a scrollbar somewhere on the movie screen, yum!).


Vitamin Cee said…
That's it. Love mo talaga si Wins!
Neth said…
of course! I love him!!! wehehehe ;) Miss you too bakler!!! ikalat ang kabaklaan sa mundo!

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