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Maximizing the Single Life

Last Thursday, we had a chance to listen to Anthony Pangilinan on a seminar about "Maximizing the Single Life". Oki, he's not single anymore (he's married to Maricel Laxa) but he has a twenty-nine experience at it so I guess he knows what he's talking about. I wasn't aware until that time that Anthony Pangilinan is a motivational speaker. I never thought that aside from Bo Sanchez and Franis Kong, we also have a TV personality in the roster of good speakers on various subjects.

In leadership (feeling naman daw ako!), I have John Maxwell, Dennis Waitley and Robert Greene as my book gurus. I have learned much from them and reading about it really helps. Anthony derives much of the principles that he has presented from Maxwell and Waitley and although one knows them, it helps to hear it and to be able to be reinforced.

At the start of the session, he asked us to write on a piece of paper what we like and dislike about being single and I honestly wrote:

-I like the freedom!
-I don't like the Taxes. Yes my friends, no joke, that's the first thing that popped in my head, TAXES! We singles really are one of the "Bagong Bayanis". With our taxes, we give the senator's son a brand new top of the line mobile phone. Grr!

Here are just of the take home ideas from the seminar:

-We must live our life according to our design (not just a purpose-driven life, but a life according to design). That's true. We must capitalize on our strengths.

-Don't ask what the world needs; rather ask what it is that makes you feel alive. Because that's what the word needs the most, people who have come alive(passionate!).

-This is my favorite - don't just aim to be good. There are a lot of good men, good friendships, good careers, and good lives out there. Strive to be GREAT! Maximize (itodoh mo na!).

What does men and women want most in a relationship?

- Women want to be LOVED!
- Men want to be RESPECTED! (After the seminar, we girls really asked the guys if this is true. They don't want to admit it but I have a nagging feeling that this is true).

What are the signs if he or she is really the one? Anthony gave 6 criteria:

1. Complementary Personalities
2. Vision - You have the same goals in life.
3. Parental Advice
4. Opinion of people you respect the most
5. Circumstance / Signs / God's Word - remember the red/white rose sign you asked from St. Therese? (Yes my friends, I am aware of saints).
6. Feelings - Of course, LOVE!

Aren't you surprised that feelings come at number 6? For married people and for couples in general, I really believe in counseling. I am not religious but in counseling, it's a sign that both of you wanted to make the relationship work. In life, everything should be worked on, yes, it's an active process - Friendships, Careers, Relationships, Fitness, Personal Growth - this entails WORK! We give effort to things that matter.

In closing, two things, Anthony Pangilinan is not gay, that's just his style of speaking. Two, Anthony, if you can read this, please remove the section titled - Single hood - How are you coping? It rubs me the wrong way.

To each his own - Mabuhay ang mga quirky alones!


Porsh said…
hey net, ron told me about this seminar so i asked him if it was possible to be complete and need somebody at the same time hehehe. so now i'm asking you the same question.

truli, mabuhay ang quirkyalones (it's one word net, or else it's going to take on a different meaning ;P).
Neth said…
of course, you can be complete and need somebody at the same time... you don't need that somebody to complete you but rather you need somebody to share the happiness of being alive! Two complete individuals living life in love is rare but attainable!

No Expectations from each other, just living life, giving and loving each moment you spent together.
hay naku, takes too much effort to be in love even more effort to find your love one...

i chose mr. right NOW.
Neth said…
hahahaha.. korak!

He will come one day! There are many Mr. Rights out there! Pwede bang one Mr Right per 2 years? bweheheehhe =p

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