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Bravo to Il Mare

I have watched Il Mare and it was beautiful. It took my breath away. The subtleties of the scenes and the acting gave the movie a very romantic feel. Why are Korean Films so sumptuously delicious? There were no kissing scenes, no sex, no overt flirtations but the romance, ah! scenes from "My Sassy Girl", "The Classic" and "Wind struck" came to mind. Scenes that treated differently might be cheesy but came off as poignantly lovely. Koreans will make a killing at this genre. Hollywood directors and movies will be passe; Asian and European films will be the future of cinema.

It would be unfair to compare the Lake House and Il Mare, but in this case, in my opinion the original was really better. In the Hollywood version, I wasn't happy that they eventually ended up together but in the Korean movie Il Mare, I was rooting for the characters to continue their love in the same time zone at least. The cinematography, the music, the beautiful actors, really made this movie a classic. No wonder, Hollywood wanted to remake it.

There were scenes that got me teary-eyed, the sense of aloneness and the protagonists' search for the other was so touching. We can definitely relate to the sense of seemingly meaningless existence of being alone. I know this is not the case for there is a certain kind of joy in being alone. But there are times when you wish you could share a good joke or a meal.

I can't wait to watch other Korean films. They certainly have a certain kind of charm and innocence. I wish that Filipino filmmakers can find a niche of their own just like the Japanese (horror) and Koreans (romance).

Johnny be Good

If Il Mare gave me a warm-touchy feel, the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest, left me tired. It was a long movie, and full of action scenes. I like the sword fights and I love Johnny Depp! He was really the saving grace of this movie.

The filmmakers wanted so many things with this movie. Compared with the simplicity of Il Mare, Pirates of the Caribbean wanted to be the Jack of all Trades of film. It's like a big jigsaw. Treat each scene independently and they are good in terms of effects, execution and editing but as a whole, argh! It will leave you dizzy.

Pirates of the Caribbean III should be good or else I would hate Orlando forever!

Wisdom of Obi Wan Wasabi

In this world, we take every ounce of happiness we could take. God knows that there are a lot of disappointments, sadness and regret around us that we should grab every tiny bit of happy moments, happy thoughts and silly antics.

I don't dwell much on negative thoughts, I find happiness on a sunny day, courteous taxi drivers, juicy gossip from friends, chocolate and coffee, a good badminton game, a page turning book, good vibe of people and cool music.

Happiness is a choice. Many people say that I appear to be happy, (masaya ka parati), I chose the Buddha path. Why wallow in misery? The world is a mirror of who we are. If the world seems lonely and uncaring, then we should look inside ourselves. Have we learned to reach out to others and just be silly with people?

I choose to be happy so that the world around me will follow suit. But I am not an escapist; I also delve on loneliness and the blues if the mood gets into me. I honor my anger. If I am irritated with a friend, I say it. I don't bottle it up anymore. I learned my lesson. I take delight in making decisions now. I am less of a people pleaser (although old habits die hard) but I do love my friends and I am thankful to the wonderful people I am having this journey with.

After bouts of melancholy, I have a good cry and a good "Maalaala mo kaya" moment; I again wear a smile because as a whole, the world is a good place to be in. This moment in history is one of the most exciting times to be alive. Why cry buckets of tears when you can drink all the buckets of beer in the world? AMEN!

I know that the 60s produced great music and literature because of drugs and alcohol. Now, we have healthy living gurus, fit people but boring books and music. Did we lose the good when we shook off the bad?

Which would you prefer - a good, clean life with domesticated cheeriness, or a drunken state of mind that produced beautiful music and poetry? Hay, where have all the good artists gone?


rbasmayor said…
I think Korean (Eastern filmmakers in general) are more effective in romantic, mystical and supernatural storytelling is because we don't want to prove and explain everything... We just want things to be like this and to be like that... ganun kasimple kaya malakas ang dating...

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