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Random Musings

I loved the movie, The Lake House, well, 98.87% of it. The ending ruined it for me. Keanu and Sandra's on-screen chemistry is really evident. They create cinema magic when they're together. I am a jaded old ass, but when I watched the movie, kilig to the max ang lolah! Keanu is so good looking even if he looks more mature now. Neo has grown up!

Some spoilers:

This movie brings up the time-space conundrum chorva that I had when I watched "The Terminator." If time is an element in the movie then, logic... fly out of the window. I am not a physics major but this might be possible given the additional dimensions of the universe patiently explained to me by Fafa Gerry.

Favourite Romantic Scene?

Yep, the picture says it all, a discussion about the novel Persuasion.

Memorable Line uttered by darling Keanu (Alex):
"She's more real to me than anything I've ever known... "

My favorite scene (overall):
When they seem to be talking together, but they don't occupy the same space. Whew!

Ok, I am trying to look for the Korean movie Il Mare in which this movie was based and I hope the ending is different. But gosh, how I love Keanu. Jazzie diba?

I want to live in a Lake house! This movie awoken in me the romance of the snail mail. I want to look for a penpal... hahaha :)


Musing of Dimsum Wasabi Keanubi

I can never understand why it started to be like this. What is happiness? Why do we purposely look for it, even at the detriment of losing everything we ever loved? I am still at a lost why we search for happiness, if we were always happy, what profit is there than that?

If you had only love, peace and happiness all the time, won't you get bored? Is this why we have the Fallen Angel? Did Lucifer purposely give up heaven to be in the darkness? But if he didn't step down from paradise, we could never have known the light, for how could we know the light if we never knew the dark. How could we know love if we didn't know hate.

Life is a salad of emotions, dash with the spice of confusion and puzzles but in the end all we have is a relish of a good dish with no overpowering ONE taste. Enjoy the journey; this life should be lived with abandon. If you want something, go for it. There is no limit to what you can achieve. It starts with the mind and sometimes, it's all in the mind.



Anonymous said…
i wish i was there... i have Il Mare... hehhehe

-- Ochie
Anonymous said…
and oh... i haven't seen the Lake House pa kase.. pero yoko rin ng ending ng Il Mare.. hahhaha

-- Ochie
Neth said…
Ochie! Peram paguwi mo! Pag wala akong nakita sa tabi-tabi.. Il Mare...

thanks girl!
jazi said…
irony of all ironies .... i haven't watched The Lake House ... can you believe it? hahaha ...

but i still love keanu ... hehe!
Neth said…
atty jazzie! u watchie it! cutie keanu!
airisshu said…
watching il mare :) naputol kasi ako mid-way.. ndi ko pa natuloy. same na same nga ata sa lake house.. although sea ang sa il mare ndi lake hehehe
Neth said…
ohhhhh... interesting... lake and sea... ang corny naman daw kung the Sea house... yuck! hahaha..

ako, nangungulit pa ng may il mare! haha =p

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