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Up Close with Zaturnah

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Picture with Zsa-zsa Zaturnah (Eula Valdez)... yun lang...

I just realized the we, Filipinos, are truly a matriarchal society.

The true American Hero is either Superman or Captain America but we Filipinos call for DARNA in times of trouble! Proof?

How many Darna movie incarnates are there? Believe it or not... there are 14 Darna movies since 1951! Very interesting stuff!

The first Darna movie "Darna" was directed by Fernando Poe Sr!

Rosa Del Rosario was the first actress to play Darna.

Ate Vi played the role, four times! Whew!

And how many Captain Barbel movies are there compared to Darna's 14? Only 4 mga kapaid Captail Barbel movies!

And so, in the tradition of Darna, we have ZsaZsa Zaturnah! I have hopes fot the Philippins and believe it or not, ZsaZsa is proof that we are truly a progressive society.

I love this hero! Of course, being a true faghag really endeared Ada to my psyche. The story is so funny! And combine a good story with an upbeat musical scoring... you get a terrific musical play!

I was really surprised by Eula's pipes! The girl can really sing, act and do acrobatics! She makes a very good musical Zaturnah!

What will our heroes be without their sidekicks? Frodo has SamWise, Darna has Ding at her back (which in not her real brother so the 'Narda' song by Kamikaze which states that "Ang swerte nga naman ni Ding... Kung ako sa kanya liligawan na kita" is not incestous), and Kalabog has Bosyo... Zsa Zsa's sidekick is the fabulous Didi!

Didi played by the same actor from Rent I believe (he played Angel?) was hilarious and he really added that spark!

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Dodong the male object of affection was DELICIOUS! I have to get the role of a mumu to get a hold of those muscles!

Wilma Doesnt was funny as Dina B (one of the Amazonistas). She has a singing part... watch out for that.

This play is a must see! Go and watch it! Yung lang!


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