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In the tradition of... and other ramblings

In the tradition of dahon's 10 favorite things, here is a list of my own.

1. Food! Especially Chocos, Coffee and anything with sugar basically.

2. Books that I can totally relate to. I like books with interesting characters and
a good writing style. Sometimes I don't care about the meaning, it's the way the
writer arranges the words beautifully together.

Like poetry, it can be as anal as the way the clouds drift across the sky but if
Browning or Neruda tries to describe it, it may not make sense logically but
beautiful words are very tantric sometimes.

3. Music! Music! Music! Musicals, rock, and you can't go wrong with the Beatles

4. A good Ebs... Amen!

5. The feeling of accomplishment after a seemingly herculean task. It really is true
that it's not the destination but the journey that matters in life.

6. Being with good friends, and interesting people, whatever the activity. A hearty
meal, coffee, movie, concert, play, badminton game, running, soccer... any
activity that will bond you.

But the bane of my life are loud people, I'd rather be alone than being weighed
down by loud and aggressive people.

7. My mom and my brother... they make me laugh.

8. Strumming the guitar on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

9. Being on a bus... just watching the scenes go by. I realized that it's not really
the place that I enjoy the most when I travel but the journey that I remember the
fondest. I am a true life voyeur!

10. Smells... I like good smells. Coffee brewing, carmelizing garlic and onions (The best!), clean bed sheets and pillow cases and Downy... I love the smell of Downy.


I was able to watch Mission Impossible 3 and what can I say?

What does Tom Cruise and Keanu Reaves have in common?

- In all their movies, there are only 3 major emotions that they can display consistenty - neutral, moppy and that intense constipated look. Hayyyy... thank God they're so beautifully made. AMEN!


marts said…
bading! I like your #4 the best. hahahaha!

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