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After 40 yrs, traversed the 25K

I was not a physically active child. In fact, I was a blob of flesh when I was growing up. I was a klutz, I would walk and greet my mother when she comes inside the house from work and I'll fall down and I had bruises all over. During play, I was always the "saling pusa" because no team will take me.

I was not born for sports but I tried my best. As I was running the 25K, what kept me going is the desire to prove for myself that it doesn't take a fit (what society dictates as 'fit') body to do this. All you need is a desire, a goal.

For me, the mere fact that I could participate in sports is a major achievement.

The night before the race, I was apprehensive because I was afraid that I was mad to go for the 25 K. I might be the heftiest runner in that category. I was expecting experienced, elite runners (thinking Nancy Navolta physique). But the hell, I made my decision and having two weeks of preparation (Guru Cads will kill me.. hahaha) I woke up early and headed to FB.

I was surprised to find that there were people like me who joined the race. Ordinary men and women and compared to last year, there were a lot of 25K runners. I would say that the number increased by more than 100%.

I felt proud. This is it... the moment of stereotypes is finally over. I glanced around.. and not all runners fit the category of "runners". Who said that only fit looking people can do this. Gosh, this gave me confidence.

After what seems an eternity, I was able to finish the race... wohoooo.... gosh, my legs felt like lead. When I turned around, at some area in Lawton, I thought I was heading back to the starting line... relief washing over me..., the manong told me... "Miss, kumanan ka pa... hanggang Libingan ng mga bayani tapos balik ka..."... the thought that ran in my head? "Putik, ako na lang kaya ilibing niyo.. hahahaha..."

Funny Anto trivia:
I really felt like a runner whenever I rush to the water stations and splash water from head to foot (to avoid overheating... yep, there is such a condition). My clothes will be wet but after a few paces, my hair will be dry again... That's it... I am a gifted child... I have waterproof hair! But I do take a bath, yes I do. :)
Running is good, it's the sport for me because I only compete with myself. And the battle is really inside your head... By nature, I am not really a competitive person.. if I can help it.. I am for peace, love and charity.. AMEN!

Whooo... so until the next race... for now, I feast.. hahaha... Promise Cads, I'll train better next time.. ;)


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