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"Quirky Alone Together! "

Sometimes even if you're as independent as you want to be, there can be doubts that will gnaw on you because it's 12 midnight and you're in your own room... of course quirky alone with a book in your hand and reggae music in the background. You don't mind, honestly you don't. But then, there's this comfort as you read words such as,"Loneliness is the pain of being alone while solitude is the glory of being alone."

As far as I can remember, I don't mind being alone. I can go to movies alone, in college I learned to eat alone in the school cafeteria and to just have an alone time, a gimik to treat myself - browsing at bookstores, listening to music stations at record bars and having coffee and reading a book at starbucks. I just like being alone. Sometimes being with people overwhelms me. Especially loud and aggressive people, I stay away from them like a plague.

I am a highly sensitive person (another book altogether). I get the feelings of people around me and when they tell me their problems, troubles, everything, I absorb them. I like talking with my friends. They are my second family. I am very passionate with my frienships that's why I have high hopes and expectations from them. I give friendships my all. That's why I really gauge if a person is a good friendship material until I give my "heart" to them.

I was deeply hurt by a close friendship last year that's why I am at some kind of friendship hiatus this past year. I never let anyone to go that close. I felt betrayed but that's another story again. But I guess, a year is such a long time, time to move on and find quirky alones to create new bonds again.

I relish being quirky alone. It's interesting to note that I found comfort in the realization that I am not alone in being quirky alone. There are people who are really living like this. Married to oneself and having many close relationships with other quirky alones.

Yup, you've read that right; there are people who married themselves! Are they Narcissists? I am not sure but there's some kind of romanticism about it. You want to take care of others and you want to be taken cared of by your partner but why not take care of yourself?

Being quirky alone is not better than having a partner, but it's an alternative lifestyle. It's like being gay or lesbian. It sometimes is a choice. Do you want to be a quirky alone? I think it's going to be the lifestyle of the future... single-member households but living in a loving communitiy of single families.

Read the book now! My thanks to Porshee Spice and Mel F for leading me to this glorious and delicious book!


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