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"Brokeback thoughts..."

"Poor is the man,
whose pleasures depend upon the permission of another"
-- from Justify My love video of her royal highness Madonna

Finally, I was able to watch Brokeback on DVD. I was really blown away...
I loved it! Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) should win an award... any award... he was so good! The conflicting emotions are his burden to carry; Jack Twist (Jake G) is such a flirt on this movie.

The movie started off innocently enough, Fred and Jack are looking for a job, herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain (ok... the names of the place and the characters are freudian in nature... Jack Twist, Brokeback (their backs were broken? weheheeh )...)

At the onset, there was tension. Jack (I am not being stereotypical) but at first sight, I think Jack already had a thing for Ennis the first time they met. What with those colorful outfits, whatever his character says, he's really the dandy one!

Ok, off they went to the mountain to do some sheep grazing... but it was boring! Imagine, staying on a mountain, watching sheep, all day and night. No wonder these two boys got bored and found some excitement.

Was it lust or love? Hmmmm... I have to buy the book to find out. I really can't tell with the movie. Those darn accents really drove me crazy... the subtitles were bad... so I have to give really do some serious lip reading.. Heath's accent was unintelligible... truly barbaric and sexy...

I love it... the movie was brave.. and so are the actors who played the characters. This movie will go down in history... not for its superb acting or cinematography but for its sheer courage to tell a story ... about a love that is ahead of its time (setting of the movie was 1960s)...

"I wish I had a way to quit you..." hayyy... so romantic...


rbasmayor said…
Ok naman yung Brokeback, like you said, pretty brave yung kanyang attempt to introduce new breeds of films sa States. Maganda yung film score and yung landscape cinematography but I don’t think it goes the same with the film editing… I don’t like yung editing niya because parang masyadong nagging chunked yung mga tagpo sa movie and merong mga scenes na nagkaroon ng transition without any warning… And I think it is overly long para dun sa point na gusto niyang ipoint out… hehe peace tayo, cguro I think overrated lang siya dahil sa dami ng awards na nakuha plus Hollywood lacked outstanding films last year talaga… It cannot be compared pa rin sa mga Oscar sleeper hits like American Beauty, Lost in Translation and Sideways…
Neth said…
hahaha.. true... i loved the film siguro primarily because of the theme... hahaha =p
Anonymous said…
are you sure it's now available on DVD? the Oscars' not even over yet so the film must still be running to give viewers a chance to see it. Goblet of Fire is not being released until next week, and it was shown weeks before Brokeback.
Anonymous said…
it's available in your nearest bootlegged DVD outlet ;)

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