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Don't give up on Filipino Movies...

I watched the latest Juday-Piolo flick "Don't give up on us". I psyched myself to be bored to death and to crop out in my mind Judy Anne's face in every scene. But surprisingly, I liked it... or at least half of the movie.

In the first part of the movie, we see Abby (Judy Anne Santos), a highly successful advertising executive living the high life. She seemed to have everything... a kick-ass house, great family support system, a good-looking boyfriend and of course, those bangs! She reminded me of the young Sharon Cuneta.

Then, at the bridal shower of her brother's fiance (who also was her best friend) Sab, she found out that her matchmaking strategy of putting her brother and best friend didn't quite work out as expected. Sab, eloped with another guy leaving one clue: a tape containing a voice-over professing the speaker's love for Sab and then the song "Don't Give Up on Us" by an artist in Baguio named Vince.

So, as an act of rebellion to her father Abby went to Baguio to find the enigmatic lover of Sab and to talk sense into Sab's cerebrum and marry her brother instead. Then she finds Piolo (Vince) the instant she sets foot in Baguio. They bicker, they fight and I loved the verbal exchange (the "asarans") between the two.

Favorite Scene: Vince and Abby were put into prison for a traffic violation. The police asked them to sing a song. Judy Anne protested but in the end she sang "Ang bayan ko". (off-key of course) I was laughing! (Surprisingly funny.. que horror!)

I liked this movie because of the panoramic shots of Banawe and of course, one of my favorite places on earth, "Sagada". Bb. Joyce Bernal really is good in capturing good shots on screen (remember the Regine and Aga movies of the early 2000s?).

The blossoming of their love was so cute but at the second part... all hell broke loose. It's LVN and Sampaguita pictures once again with all of those dramatic scenes. They should have stick to light moments and funny dialogues until the end.

But all in all, Piolo is the saving grace of this movie. He is really a GOD on screen!

Any one who has the gall to compare Piolo to Sam Milby, heller to you? No way that Milby can be a Pascual! Never in this lifetime! Amen!


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