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"The sage works quietly,
seeking neither praise nor fame;
completing what he does with natural ease,
and then retiring.
This is the way and nature of Tao."

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I don't know if this is a good guide in life. It's not an excuse to just dream one's life away but for me I think this works so far. If something seems difficult to attain I don't pursue it. The universe seems to contrive that what I am aiming for is not according to my life's path.

Possessions don't mean much to me. As long as I have food, clothing, shelter, books, films and music I am just fine. I think this was caused by growing up in Laharlandia. I was a witness on how material things that were put up by people I knew and even my own family can just disappear, just like that. Having many things to pack and unpack also hinders one's mobility in life. I was made aware at an early age that this is not permanent. What's important is that you can just pick yourself up and run if the need arises.

I am a disciple of the unelightenend Buddha. I don't cling, I try to blend and conform. I don't expect much from people (we are ALL in dire need of therapy) and of course I don't expect God/The Universe/Buddha to single me out because I obey his commandments and I try not to kill the next person who pisses me off.

Just go with the flow. Good things happen, bad things happen, all these should pass also. Enjoy the moment. What if you're going to die tomorrow and there's no heaven or hell as we were made to believe.

Don't live life with unfinished business. Just do what you feel is right. The hell with other people will say. This is life, there are no expectations, no special treatments, one way or the other, you started out alone in the womb and you'll die alone. It's just you, so live light and be kind to yourself. In the end, you're all that you have.


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