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Rediscovering the wonderful world of Rock...

For the next year (2006), I am bent on studying good films, great bands and imaginative writers. I have been refreshing my songs on my old-reliable I-pod mini. I've added Wolfgang (I don't know if they're still around), of course John Lennon (recently brought the Definitive Lennon CDs... good buy in my opinion), and the ever reliable Dave Matthews band. I know that my musical tastes vary and these days, I like head-banging, alternative music to keep me awake (I hate the cold weather, it makes me feel drowsy).

I've consulted with guru Cads on what music I will pop on me head next. I should be on the lookout for Nina Gordon, and Led Zeppelin CDs. In the OPM scene, I am now a certified Paramita fan. I like to try out the Radioactive Sago Project and UP Dharma next. I just saw Eli Buendia on Myx, he has a new band - Pupil. He looks 'dermatologized' - he now has good, clear skin. Good for you Eli! :)

Itchyworms is trying out the Orange and Lemons formula (a doze of Beatlemania once again). Gosh, the Beatles really has a definitive hold on each generation even after they have broken up.

I've started listening to the Brew because one of the members works also in my company (gosh, as if I own the company I slave for). Their music is ok... reminds me of The Bridge band.

Music... one of life's extras... it's the beauty that tamed the primitive man's beast....
(Segway: King-kong gist in one sentence ... beauty killed the beast... and that's all I have to say about it - I pray that Jackson wouldn't do a George Lucas... please.... we have a lot of sellouts already... ) Amen!


dahon said…
ako, brownman revival! :)
Neth said…
brownman --- kewl! i likey the vocalist.. and they have a song in which they rapped in Capampangan..

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