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My poor old knees...

This is a "walang-kwentang" blog but I just would like to take this out to the universe of www's and http's... "I think there's something wrong with my knees. :( " I am not that old but yesterday while playing badminton I had this pain in my knees... then when it was time to go home, I dreaded it because my room was on the second floor and I had to take the dark stairs to get there! Each step was freaking painful! Gosh, I don't want my knees to fail me... maybe I am taking them for granted?

When you're younger you don't care... you run, you jump, you play... you don't stretch before exercising... but there comes a point when all your physical sins catches up on you! I think it's time to try Qui-jong or yoga... but I am so stiff! Hayyy... Baz Lhurman's words are true!.. "Be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone." Amen!


dahon said…
don't get me wrong, he's a genius and *all that*, but why is bahz ruling your world right now? :))

Neth said…
hahaha... maybe because i recently uploaded "wear sunscreen" so it's the song in me head right now.. hahaha... :)

Game ako sa yoga! next year! Yogi rosey!
Cads said…
possibly illotibial band syndrome?
try the Virtual Sports Injury Therapist at
Neth said…
thanks cads! :) i'll give it a try..

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