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Major stressors in my meandering existence...

I am a cool and collected person. Few things rock my world. I always have this balance in my life wherein I don't go from one extreme emotion to the next. I can gauge when I already reached my tipping point and then I go back to state 0 - state of inertia.

But of course, in life you can't control the environment in which you try to exist. Work can be source of imbalance but that's my means of survival so in time I got used to it. So, I go back at end of day to state 0 everytime I am tipped to a rattled state.

Badminton matches can also rattle my nerves especially if you're on the third set (deciding game) and you're opponent is already at match point. But afterwards I am back to my jolly, old self again. It's just a game so my blood pressure returns to normal after a nerve-whacking game.

But Shopping??? Gawd! I've always said and written about my allergic reaction to this activity and as Fish-Ces told me, "Shopping is a skill!". Ok, I've always been conscious of improving my skillset but I think this will be a lifetime struggle. At a scale of 1-10, my shopping capability??? NULL!

How can I describe my apprehension when entering a dress or accessory store? It's like everything whirls by uncontrollably. The myriad choices confuses me! Men, only get to choose the color but us girls??? Ok, what cut? what color? what combination? shoes? accessory? Argh!

So, I am thankful for girl pals (my fashion guru) because I admit I am at prep level at this skill. Fish-Ces and Porshee Spice accompanied me to shop for something to wear for a wedding. Gawd! Just thinking about it makes me want to hide and cut letters from a newspaper. OA? I dunno, it's just me I guess.

Oh well, in time with a little (or BIG) help from my friends I know I'll get a grip on how to choose which style suits me. Well, being larger than the average Asian doesn't help when searching for clothes to wear. Damn those who create dress sizes! We're marginalized! Argh!

Ok... enough about clothes and shoes... these topics makes me hungry.... got to find the chocolate bar I have been hiding for times like this...


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