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Interesting weekend...

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Last Friday was Cris (H-less) 24th birthday! Contrary to popular belief, he is only twenty-four. Conchita and I went to the party hosted by his badminton buddies. It was fun! The food was delicious (Thanks to manang lita!) and our hosts were very gracious and accommodating. I had to explain to expats what a "Lulu" is and maybe it's the wine but I didn't expect the words to define it to come out of my mouth... HAHAHA!


Saturday was a girls' night out. Dahon and I went to watch 'The Blossoming of Maxi'. Seeing the two of us inside the theatre you would think that I was the one who haven't watched the movie yet. I enjoyed it even if it's my second time to view the film. It's that good!


We were to meet an Aussie by the name of Gracie. We haven't met her before but of course, thank God for mobile phones and we were able to see her. She is such a sweet girl... (ok, I don't have to rub that she's barely legal). We watched Man of La Manca. I liked it! Audie was great! The whole ensemble were so talented. This was my second time to watch Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and she really sizzles on stage! She is beautiful and a glory to behold! She played Aldonza (Dulcinea... nope not the restaurant but the name Don Quixote remembers her by... but I think the restaurant got the name from the play...). Ok... altogether now... "Dulcinea....I see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea, And thy name is like a prayer..." Tummy rumbling at this point... pogs added, "The best lengua", and I salivate....

Of course, the song that was immortalised in this play, "To dream an impossible dream... to fight the unbeatable foe... to bear the unbearable sorrow..." Hayyy... really the play for the "Quixotic" moi. "Do you like to live life as it is... or life as it ought to be!" Dream on.... dream on... Sometimes, it's all that we have...


Aussie Gracie was fun to be with. Just like having a kid sister. She was amazed at our astrological beliefs. When she was looking for a roommate, the Egyption priestess asked her,"What's your sign?" "Aquarius..." You're in! Well, of course, we told her that an Aquarian and a pisces (her current boyfriend) will have a rocky start. But cross our fingers... he might have a different ascendant.

Then, I found myself back at Malate again. In the famous loft of Inno Sotto and Rocky something to view an art exhibit. But this was concept art. The type that I don't get... (I like art to portray beauty... I am a libran... an individual guided by the planet venus... I am not logical). But I still had fun...

Malate calls again... I can't wait to get back...


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