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"In the presence of her demi-goddess Ms JZ!"

The Book Launch of "Manila Envelope: Dispatches from the End of the world" was held at the Fully Booked bookstore at the Powerplant Mall yesterday - December 8 (yup, the death anniversary of another soul brother, John Lennon, ok, I was born two years prior to his death so I can't say that I am his reincarnation (whew! Blasphemy!) but I think we're connected somehow, fellow Librans unite!)

This book is a collection of essays by by Carlos Celdran, Randy David, Uro de la Cruz, Conrad de Quiros, Lourd De Veyra, David Guerrero, Ambeth Ocampo, James Hamilton Paterson, Ige Ramos, Matthias Urban, Alfred Krip Yuson, and of course, JESSICA Z!

So, coultrophobic clown and I braved the dismal weather and the unusual exit time from our dear office to meet my psychic twin sister (ok, I am in danger of being maimed and slapped a hundred times because of this comment but what the heck I am a book groupie and proud of it!).

Entering the mall I noticed that I liked the smell of its interiors. I also admired the Christmas decos. Not glaringly saying, IT'S CHRISTMAS, but very subtle and tastefully decorated. I hope decorators from our building will take heed.

Fully booked is a BIG bookstore. It's heaven! It has lots of books! But being slightly claustrophobic, the closely situated bookshelves make me uneasy, but still it looks like a sea of BOOKS!

Gerry and I saw her! She has changed! But of course, being avid readers we can't just approach her. We'll wait even if we have to be someplace in an hour because as part of her minions, we are not worthy! We have to let her decide that we do exist.

Here she comes, approaching... what's that? Do we see a smile? Oh no... she's pulling something from her bag... Oh... a pen! Blessed be! She has her own pen! JZ defile our book... please do!

She signed her name, the famous mirror-image technique. She's really talented (when I went home I stood infront of the mirror to see if it's accurate... perfect!
I just browsed through the book. It's not a regular book, for one thing it's like a magazine/book in one. It has articles by the contributors, excerpts (noteworthy is the English translation of Chapter 1 of Noli Me Tangere) and some trivia (the Beatles brouhaha during their 1960's concert here in the Philippines).

The pictures are great! Imagine reading the famous "Manananggal" article of Jessica and there it is... a picture of the creature. It a delight to read because of the glossy pages and take note, the book comes with a Manila Envelope!

It's a good book to add to your collection. For me, it's also an introduction to the other great Filipino writers and their myriad writing styles. All in all, a great buy even if you're not a fan of Jessica Z.


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